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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Peter Moreno

Job Agile Coach
email peter [dot] moreno [dot] o [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number +32479173307
Company Agilar
City (Country) Brussels
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Develop Healthy Relationships at Work Using the Integral Theory and Integral Coaching


Agile and Integral Coach, Innovator and Speaker. IT Software Engineering Background. Acted as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager, IT Consultant and Software Developer. Vast experience in HealthCare product development. Worked with multicultural teams in Europe and Latam. Active speaker in the Agile Community. Passionate about integrating IT Knowledge and Soft Skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Mindfulness and Human Evolution. I started my journey in Santiago, Chile. During this period I worked for several projects in the Latam region (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc). In 2011 I was invited to come to Europe to join the AGFA R&D Center. I worked there for 3 years as Product Manager and Agile mindset promoter. I am now working as Agile Coach/Scrum Master to support companies on their transition to Agile software development. Happy to contribute and collaborate with any company looking for a better way of working. The combination of both SOFT and hard skills is part of my personal style for Agile Coaching. As a parallel initiative, I started my personal growth development in 2009. Exploring areas such leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, human psychology and spirituality. My passion about these topics is constantly growing and my effort to combine both IT Knowledge and human awareness is one of the main drivers for my human and professional evolution. - See more at: https://www.scrumalliance.org/myaccount#sthash.ZWYJ3PQU.dpuf I have 4-5 years of experience in Agile Software Development 3 Years in Integral Coaching / Formal Education in the Integral Coaching Canada School 7+ Years Working with the Integral Theory and Personal Dev. Enneagram Expert Non-Violent Communication Practitioner Life Coach with a very active practice in Belgium Speaker in the Agile Community (Scrum Gathering Paris, Spain, BE etc)


Summary This session is to discover a new understanding of human relationships and how to sustain them using the Integral Theory and Integral Coaching. This is a key element to archive goals with less stress. It is also to promote efficiency and motivation in individuals and groups. Come to learn new tools and get profound insights about what happens within the mind and hearts of human beings. Description Have you notice the amount of issues that are just misunderstandings or personality conflicts?. Have you come to discover that when personal issues are addressed and solved the process works better (Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc)? Most people wants peace and happiness at work, also people want to feel safe and encourage to express the best of themself at work, but this is certainly not the experience of many people. This session will attempt to answer a central question, why human relationships are not healthy all the time?… From this understanding we will address the solution from the perspective of the Integral Theory and Coaching. We will also explore this question: How to develop and sustain healthy relationships at work? This talk is based on my experience working as Agile Coach/Scrum Master in Europe. My current client is Proximus in Brussels, Belgium. This is the largest Telecom Company in Belgium. Here is a summary of the topics I would like to share with the community: 1# Integral Coaching and the Integral Theory applied at work 2# How to identify and work with unhealthy relationship patters at work (control, judgment, manipulation, blame, complain) 3# How to support people on transcending their Ego structures to develop healthy relationships 4# Quick-start tools to generate a healthy working environment I am sure this session will contribute to your evolution as human being and also to your teams as you become for conscious of your own ego patters. This session is to discover a new understanding of human relationships and how to sustain them to make them last, With care, Peter.s.


Interest in Team Building, Coaching Teams and Individuals

Benefits for the attendees

1. New understanding of professional and personal relationships 2. An introduction to the Integral Theory of Ken Wilber 3. Working with Integral Coaching 4. Tools and experiences to improve your relationships

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