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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Izabela Kowalik

Job Scrum Master
email izabella [dot] kowalik [at] gmail [dot] com
Company STX Next
City (Country) Frankly I don't know, just to cover accommodation and travel.
Time 30'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Be on par during Sprint Retrospective.


Izabela Kowalik is an experienced Scrum Master, Product Owner, trainer and personal coach. Together with her friends she founded association Garaże Kultury, known from the project Scrum City Game. On IT projects she looks from wide perspective as she experienced each role in Scrum. Enormous enthusiasm, determination in goals achievement, engagement by heart describes her way of work and life. Izabela graduated Wroclaw University of Technology on Electronics and Telecommunication, school of Business Coaching by Grupa SET, project management at WSB and she has teaching qualification.


Scrum Master doesn't participate as a peer team member in the Retrospective as he needs to concentrate on facilitation. Whole Scrum team starts Retrospective being demotivated as minuses, mads, sads, problems turn the scale. The team doesn't have chance to experience meeting facilitation in practice. Shy team members are not involved into discussion or engaging them is unnatural. Sprint Retrospective regularly exceeds time range and not all inputs are discussed. Sounds familiar? I successfully solved all this problems with one simple Retrospective technique. The technique was introduced in two teams, one of them works remotely. It will be an honour to share with you this technique, results and thoughts.



Benefits for the attendees

Attendees will familiarize with Retrospective technique which solve problems present in most of the Scrum teams during Sprint Retrospective.

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