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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Nikita Syskov

Job Software Testing \ Training
email nikita_syskov [at] epam [dot] com
Skypeid nikita.syskov
Company EPAM Systems
City (Country) Minsk (Belarus)
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference < 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Education through game simulations. Practical cases of test engineer educational process


Lead software testing engineer with 9 years of experience in IT industry. Since 2008 I've heard a lot about Agile: learning about it, trying to apply and eventually -- teaching Agile to our newcomers. During 3 years in a corporate education department I've held a lot of trainings about Agile, speaking to different people of different experience and in different countries. Teaching them and learning from them helped me a lot in understanding how teams should be educated in a modern way. Agile Tour 2012 gave me new ideas and topics to talk about, supported my willingness to find new approaches in learning. Now in our company we have complex and effective Agile education system that I'd like to share with Agile Tour 2015 participants. I’ll describe the full scale of our workshops and practical educational programs that we are using to teach hundreds of employees from beginners to experts level.


Basic theory can be easily taught in a lecture format and it’s a long time proven fact. It is also proved that this theory should be supported by some practice in order to gain the highest results. We are offering a new approach to the education by wide introduction of game simulations to our employees, allowing them to get knowledge in the next-to real-life situations. Active work in the classroom, intensive exchange of ideas within the team, the spirit of competition and the fraction of humor - all this is contained in our courses Education2.0


Participation in Agile simulation could be a benefit

Benefits for the attendees

Attendees will be presented with a full-scale Agile learning framework that could we useful not only for big companies but also for small teams that are ready to cooperate and join their efforts in raising experience of their employees in an off-classroom format

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